Susanne M.B. Johansen, Jakob L. Laugesen and Michael B. Frøst

Sensory Science, KVL


The image analysis toolbox (IMAT) is mainly for extraction of (global) features. Analysis methods like AMT, FFT, form factors, fractal dimension are included. Pre-processing tools of images and plotting of analysis is also possible. The program was developed at the Sensory Science group, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark. This toolbox replaces the AMT toolbox (AMTv1).

If you use the AMT tools we would appreciate a reference to the following

Johansen, S. M. B., Laugesen, J. L., Dahl, C. K., Esbensen, K. H. and Frøst, M. B. AMT - a second generation look: optimization of algorithm performance and systematics of method-modification (2004) in preparation

The user guide can be found here. It also gives a short introduction to the methods (also included in the code below).

Download the IMAT tools here.